Human – Computer Interfacing

Human – Computer Interfacing

Inneractive aura photos utilize human-computer interface technology which bridges the connection between the human mind and the computers we interact with.

By designing technologies that allow users to interact with computers in new and engaging ways, Inneractive, Inc. is on the forefront of computer interfacing advancements with regards to aura energy technology.

Innovations with Human-Computer Interface Technology

From the simple commands between a user and a computer using a mouse, to complex interfacing like the capture and visual presentation of energetic data in real time – the way we interact with technology is continually evolving. At Inneractive, we believe that the technological and research advancements found in the field of human-computer interface broad technology can make significant impacts on our own self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-understanding.

Through the kirlian photo products available through our divisions at Inneractive, we strive to make these impactful and engaging technologies readily available to retailers, practitioners and the general public so that questions about auras can be answered.


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