The system gives our clients tangible proof of progress that they can see. We’ve had a phenomenal response to the Aura Video Station.”
Sue B., USA

For an organizer of exhibitions, the Station is simply essential. We always get a high number of regular customers, thanks to the Aura Video Station!”
Petric S.

Aura Video Station creates a great buzz with guests at corporate events, allowing them to mix and comment on their respective reports and auras. Usually the guests overwhelm our timeframe, and they request we stay longer — even though we’re billing them for overtime!”
Arthur H., USA

The Aura Video Station greatly enhances my seminars. This is an excellent tool for demonstrating energy healing and energy boosting.”
Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, World renouned Master Healer and Teacher

I believe this technology is opening up the understanding of the human energy fields that make up our spiritual-mental selves. This work is definitely the way of healing in the next millennium.”
Dannion Brinkley, Author of the #1 New York Bestseller, Saved by the Light

I have owned the Aura Video Station since June 1998; I originally bought it to complement my Hypnotherapy practice so that clients could see the effect of their thoughts on their bio-energy field.
I very soon realized what a wonderful tool it is, as it provides a visual panorama of the result of the emotions or reactions to any given problem. I still use it with every Hypnosis session. My clients see how the aura changes according to their thoughts and they are able to watch how negative thoughts drain their chakras. The AVS is like an emotional X-ray. I also do Aura Analysis as a separate therapy; clients are always amazed to see that they have an aura for every aspect of their lives, it is important to read each one!
Entertainment and Seminars:
Everyone Loves the Aura Video Station! In February 2000 I started doing Body, Mind and Spirit Expos where I attracted long lines, and very accurately read the Aura of a local TV Anchor which was shown on KUSI evening news. The potential of this amazing product really began to dawn on me, and I was soon approached by the San Diego and Los Angeles Learning Annex to teach classes about Auras and Chakras; I did this every month for seven years in Southern California; I still do monthly seminars and workshops in San Diego, always using the Aura Video Station. I have also been invited to conduct seminars and workshops for many organizations such as A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment), The American Society of Dowsers, and various Nursing Associations, Churches, and many other groups.
For those who are not therapists and just want to read Auras: your local Metaphysical Bookstore is a great place to approach, start by asking if you can do readings, in the store on a Saturday it will attract customers for them and for you! I have also provided entertainment for quite a few Entertainment and Events Companies (you will find them on Google!), reading auras at corporate events is very lucrative! I have entertained at many corporate events including Volkswagen, (launching the Beetle and the Jetta), McDonalds, Children’s Hospital, Sony Corp. Royal Alliance, Secure Horizons, etc. I have also entertained guests at large private parties, such as for Dean Spanos owner of the San Diego Chargers!
My experience with the Aura Video Station has been trouble free. It has given me the greatest joy and allowed me to really change people’s lives and open minds.
It certainly changed my life!”
Sheila Moore, CHt, www.auraexploration.com


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