“I have been a Holistic Healer for many years, and investing in an Aura and Chakras photography system has been on my bucket list for over 30 years. I am really happy that I have found this great tool. The IES AuraCloud 3D system has added great value to my business. Since not everybody is able to visualize auras and chakras, the IES AuraCloud 3D system has allowed me to concretely show my clients what I am seeing, and explain the benefits of a particular treatment or emotional therapy. The before and after pictures are what help me convince to the more ‘skeptical’ clients. Skeptical or not, all clients love to see the difference in their aura and/or chakra just after one session! I would recommend investing in a system from Inneractive not only because the software and equipment is high quality, but the customer service and technical support is exceptional. Any questions, concerns, or even suggestions I have had, the team members at Inneractive have always been happy to help, courteous, and fast to respond, even after many years of buying my photography system.”
Gaétane C. BonnieulHands of Light by Gaétane

“I have been using the Inneractive system for over 7 years at holistic expos. I have found it to be very effective and accurate for each person I read. I am a Reiki Master and certified crystal healer. At the expos, the system gives people validation on what is going on in their bodies [remove] that is affecting their Chakras and Aura. I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to grow their business.”
Shimen AverhoffSacred Designs By Spirit

“Aura Video Station is a great investment! We are able to provide a visual representation of how auras can shift after an energetic session.  We highly recommend this product to practitioners/energy workers who encounter skeptics, people who are curious, or those looking to improve overall energy levels and flow. The software is easy to install and the detailed reports are easy to read.”
Alicia GormanLovelight Properties

“It helped a lot of people. Haven’t had the system in my location for a year but people are still asking for me for it. We would take pictures before and then after and it was amazing! At some point, if I come out of retirement I may just buy another.”
Carole KetringHot Springs Arkansas

“In 2012 I purchased the Basic Aura Video 7 to use in my Reiki practice.  The Basic Aura Video 7 is easy to use and I felt it would be beneficial for clients to see the state of their energy field in real time instead of just having to take my word for it.  It makes a huge difference in the care I give my clients.  They love being able to see how their energy improved.

Over the years, if I had a question or concern, the people at Inneractive have been very helpful and quick in their response.  I highly recommend this product since I am very happy with the product and the service.”
Heidi Scanlon CRMTNJ School of Reiki LLC


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