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Aura Kirlian Cameras & the History of Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is a special technique for creating a contact print photograph through high voltage charges. The result is a silhouetted subject overlaid with a visual aura or cloud of colors. This technique has shown incredible promise for use in alternative health and wellness industries. Keep reading for a full overview and to better understand the unique phenomenon behind this photography.

What is a Kirlian Camera?

A Kirlian camera takes advantage of high voltage charges to create images of photographic subjects that show evidence of the electrical corona discharge. In layman’s terms, the “corona discharge” is simply the relationship between the electrical discharge of high voltage energy and the surface of a conductor (the metal plate in this case) resulting in a visual glow.

A Brief History of Kirlian Photography

The Kirlian camera is named for its inventor: Semyon Davidovich Kirlian. Kirlian experimented and invested in this type of photography beginning in 1939. He collaborated with his wife for over 30 years and believed the resulting images developed from Kirlian photography techniques captured the life force or aura of an object.
In one of his earlier experiments, Kirlian produced images of what appeared to be two identical leaves. After the leaves were photographed using the Kirlian technique, he noticed a dramatic difference between them.
One of the leaf images was strong and luminescent, while the other was weak and less defined. After studying the results, Kirlian theorized that the strong, colorful image came from a leaf taken from an energetically balanced plant, while the weak image came from an imbalanced plant. This breakthrough with Kirlian photography led to years of experimentation by both Semyon and his wife that would change the way people perceive themselves and the world around them.

How does a Kirlian camera work?

Curious about what’s really going on when you see a beautiful Kirlian photograph? Here’s a step-by-step guide to how Kirlian photography works:

  1. A piece of photographic sheet film is placed on a metal discharge plate
  2. The photographic subject is placed on top of the film plate
  3. A high voltage electrical charge is applied to the plate for a brief period of time, create a film exposure
  4. The corona discharge that occurs between the plate and the photographed object is recorded by the film
  5. When the film develops, the colorful result is a Kirlian photograph

So, what does a Kirlian photograph look like?
Using this technique, you can usually see a silhouette of the photographic subject and a colorful variety of hues surrounding it. The corona discharge interacts with the colors embedded in the film sheets which creates a beautiful cloud of colors around the object. The brightness and type of colors that appear are dependent on the amount of charge applied and voltage.
A photograph of an inanimate object like keys or leaves, for example, may have better results if a grounding technique is used. Grounding simply means you “ground” the object to the earth. For example, you could use a cold water pipe or the opposite side of the high-voltage source to ground the object. This will result in more intense colors.

Where Does Kirlian Photography Stand Today?

Decades of research and experimentation focused on understanding and visualizing the etheric has produced a modern version of Kirlian photography that would impress Kirlian himself. Today’s aura-energetic imaging technology leverages Kirlian techniques but benefits from newer technologies. Learn more about the benefits of using the next generation in chi-energy imaging–Aura Kirlian Cameras.
InnerEnergy’s Kirlian aura cameras provide you with an instantaneous way to visualize your aura-chakra energy. Much like Kirlian used high-voltage charges to produce a representation of different kinds of life forces, our version of a Kirlian camera utilizes electro-dermal readings from specialized hand sensors.
After the aura imaging software processes the data from the sensors, proprietary algorithms translate the information into informative graphs, charts, and most importantly, your aura image.

How does the InnerEnergy Kirlian aura cameras work?

  1. Hand sensors: Sit in front of the web camera with one hand on the sensor
  2. Data collection: The sensor will take electro-dermal readings from your hand and send the data to the computer
  3. Data translation: Algorithms and specialized software translate the information from the sensors into charts, graphs, and aura images.

While our Kirlian cameras can’t fix any energy imbalances, they provide you and wellness practitioners an opportunity to be more aware of any imbalances. This knowledge is invaluable and can be used to align your chakras and practice mindfulness.

See an Aura Camera in Action and Kirlian Technology at Work

Curious to find out how our Kirlian cameras could help your wellness center or individual clients? Contact us today to set up a live demonstration of the InnerEnergy aura reader. A consultant can display the changes to auras and chakras in real-time and review the comprehensive aura imaging camera imaging, graphs, and reporting. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Kirlian aura camera benefits.
Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to consider investing in an aura Kirlian camera:

  • Trusted: Over 30 years of research were poured into the aura Kirlian camera technology
  • Adaptable: Beneficial for therapy, wellness centers, meditation centers, bookstores, yoga studios, and fairs
  • Instant results: Print out aura image readings to review with clients immediately or store it away to compare with new results later
  • Energy balance: Use it as a tool to better assess spiritual well-being
  • Longterm benefits: Track clients’ progress over time by storing aura energy readings and changes

If you’re ready to buy a Kirlian camera, contact us today. An aura Kirlian camera can help you gain valuable insight into your clients and help them more effectively balance their energy.


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