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As a holistic health practitioner or energy healer, it’s important that you’re in tune with your clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga instructor, therapist, Reiki healer, or another kind of energy worker – you need the right tools if you want to expertly delve into a client’s inner self and specific needs.

That’s where an aura camera comes in. You can harness the insights from an aura camera reading to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a client’s unconscious tendencies, energy imbalances, and energy states. This information can help you better assist your patrons and may provide your business with an additional channel of revenue. Buy an aura camera today to see the difference it can make in the lives of those you seek to improve.

What is an aura?

An aura is a unique spiritual mirror or energy field that surrounds every human. There are seven different colors that make up an aura that correspond to the seven chakras. Each individual has an aura that is completely unique to him or her, including the composition and color placement as well as the overall brightness or dullness. There are no “bad” aura colors, instead, aura colors simply show energy flow and spiritual health.

Curious about finding out more about auras? Buy an aura camera to feed your curiosity and provide a unique, intuitive service for total-body wellness your clients won’t be able to get anywhere else.

How does an aura camera work?

Our aura camera technology is extremely user-friendly. A client simply places his or her left or right hand palm-down on one of the included hand sensors, which have several contact points for enhanced accuracy. The sensors pick up electro-dermal readings of the client in addition to temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment. This data is then converted using proprietary algorithms and projected as a digitized representation of your client’s aura field.

What are the benefits of buying an aura camera?

If you decide to buy an aura camera, you’re not just purchasing a product, you’re making an investment in your clients’ spiritual well-being. Over thirty years of research has been poured into this technology so you can be confident you’re getting precise readings and dependable results every time.

The uses for an aura camera are practically limitless. It’s a great tool for therapy, wellness centers, meditation centers, yoga studios, bookstores, and fairs. The InnerEnergy aura camera is built from the ground up with revolutionary technology that can deliver instantaneous results.

When you buy an aura camera, you’ll have the ability to print out the aura image readings so you can understand and interpret the finer details of any energy imbalances or energy blockages.

Where do I get an aura camera?

If you’re looking to buy an aura camera, look no further. InnerEnergy has a range of aura camera products like the AuraCloud 3D to help you make the most of your business while providing your clients with a unique ability to learn more about their own unique energy states and chi-energy flow.

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