IES AuraCloud 3D Aura Imaging Camera & Software

The AuraCloud 3D series is our new enhancement of the breakthrough Aura Video Station.

The premier IES AuraCloud 3D packages offers aura camera technology for crystal clear aura-energy readings. We’ve enhanced our aura photography camera and aura-imaging software with wellness centers and the like in mind. New data-management programs allow easy storage of all readings and client profiles for future reference.

Utilizing the newest techniques, stunning 3D aura imaging software displays aura and chakra results simultaneously. The AuraCloud software installs seamlessly onto a personal computer and soon you can be ready to enhance your business!

AuraCloud 3D & AuraCloud 3D Pro

The AuraCloud 3D comes in two packages: Pro and Basic. Each package features our advanced aura photography camera technology, complete with a Zensen sensor and state-of-the-art aura imaging software.

AuraCloud is the premiere technology to conduct precise aura-energy readings, and we’ve optimized it for both professional and at-home use. With our AuraCloud products, you’ll be able to change or harness your inner energy with complete confidence!

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AuraCloud 3D Pro

The AuraCloud 3D Pro is the latest in Inneractive’s cutting-edge aura camera technology. The Pro version features all the same elements as the Basic version, but with additional functionality and organizational tools for professionals. Thus, the Pro version is optimal for holistic practitioners and theosophical professionals.

You’ll love our brand-new Zensen sensor, which is crafted in a stylishly comfortable shape for your hand. We’ve also incorporated a Logitech Web Camera for live imaging, reiki tips for one-on-one reiki sessions, and even our specially designed AnimalAura Plates that let you conduct aura readings on your pets as well!

Our AuraCloud software is designed to process the sensor readings and display them in beautiful images and charts for your viewing convenience. Not to mention, the AuraPet software features the same eye-catching displays for all the readings of your furry friend!

For holistic practitioners, the Pro version features special functionalities like Client Manager, which help you store and organize your client’s readings.

Aura Video Camera application is used in the photo at left. Note: this package includes animal-friendly applications too. Images may differ from actual product.

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AuraCloud 3D Basic

The AuraCloud 3D Basic is perfect for at-home aura-energy readings.

In addition to the Zensen sensor and Logitech Web Camera, the AuraCloud software includes four detailed applications that will expand upon the sensor’s hand readings. Each application serves a different purpose: base aura color, chakra strengths, chi-energy levels, and more.

The AuraCloud 3D Basic is an enlightening tool that will give you detailed and easy-to-read visualizations of your aura-energy channels!

Aura Video Camera application is used in the photo at left. Images may differ from actual product.

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Success is in your reach:

With precision, reliability, and ease of use AuraCloud may generate terrific returns! Take this opportunity to learn more with live Innerenergy demonstration today! One of our experienced aura consultants will guide you through a journey of aura-energetic exploration and how the AuraCloud camera or the Aura Video Station 7 may enhance your business to a higher level.


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