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Premier Aura Photography Cameras

Aura Video Station 7 | AuraCloud 3D are the most advanced aura cameras on the market today.

Our aura reading machines are major computer interfacing advancements that allow you to track, analyze, and engage with the hand readings of your clients.

They produce easily read aura photos — beautiful, vivid images that capture the essence of who you are. Once thought to be visible only by advanced aura readers, aura cameras and aura photography now allows everyone to see their auras and better understand the chi-energy they have surrounding them. The more you know about your aura, the better you’ll be able to take positive steps to improve, harness, or change your aura-energy!

Our aura camera technology is an intricate-yet-accessible supplement to your metaphysical practice.

How Does using an Aura Camera Differ and Generate Income?

While you, as a theosophical professional, have advanced knowledge of aura-chakra energy, clients may have a more difficult time understanding complex chi-energy concepts. Our aura cameras and aura imaging software make it easier for your clients to understand your readings and wellness recommendations.

Our aura imaging software is a terrific visual learning tool. With 3D graphics and charts, you’ll be able to visually demonstrate to clients what their aura colors and chakra energies might be. Through eye-catching visuals, clients will have a better understanding of their energy output, their personality, and the less positive aspects of their life that they can focus on improving.

Our software allows you to archive readings so that you can track a client’s data over time, enabling you to give clients recurrent comparisons and progress updates.

Inneractive aura cameras are a useful tool in the hands of a metaphysical practitioner, and are bound to improve the workflow of your practice. Your clients will leave every session with even more positivity than before. Due to the aesthetically thrilling visuals of our aura imaging software, they’ll look forward to their next visit!

How are Inneractive Aura Cameras Superior to Others on the Market?

Inneractive aura cameras are smarter, sleeker, and more visually advantageous than other aura cameras for sale.

The AuraCloud 3D, for instance, features one of the most stylish, compact, and accessible hand sensors on the market. It’s easily portable and will look great in any office or wellness center.

Our aura imaging software provides beautiful, real-time visualizations of aura-chakra energy that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Our software makes the complicated hand sensor readings visually comprehensible and easy to manage.

Your clients deserve an aura camera that’s at the cutting-edge of aura imaging technology. Buy your aura camera from Inneractive!

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Contact us today to set up a live demonstration and find out about aura system pricing. A consultant will display the changes to auras and chakras in real-time and review the comprehensive aura reader imaging, graphs and reporting.  Click here to buy your aura camera now!


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