Premier Aura Camera to Enhance Your Practice!

Aura Video Station 7 | AuraCloud 3D are the most advanced aura cameras on the market today. They are highly sophisticated cameras that allow you to see, read and document your clients’ auras, or the chi-energy field through computer interfacing advancements. They produce easily read aura photos — beautiful, vivid images that capture the essence of who you are. Once thought to be visible only by advanced aura readers, aura cameras and aura photography now allows everyone to see their auras and better understand the chi-energy they have surrounding them. And the more you know about your aura, the better you’ll be able to take positive steps to improve, harness, or change your aura-energy!

How Does using an Aura Camera Differ and Generate Income?

Basically, the differences between the Inneractive aura reading and standard tools are the colors, shapes and other multimedia reports and images that display the chi-energy data. By displaying colors as a representation of each client’s aura or chi-energy field, we enhance the ability to understand the connection and wellness and aura-energetics.

Weaving the magic of an aura camera into your business can lift your income to another level!

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See it in Action

Contact us today to set up a live demonstration and find out about aura system pricing. A consultant will display the changes to auras and chakras in real-time and review the comprehensive aura reader imaging, graphs and reporting.  Click here to buy your aura camera now!

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