Intelligent, aura machines can help manage, translate, and explore aura-chakra-energy like never before. With InnerEnergy’s line of aura cameras you may now have the power to transform your business. With your new aura reader business benefits, you can help show clients an amazing digital representation of their aura-energy.

Inneractive aura imaging systems offer great professional and educational tools for aura and chakra readings, to better focus harmony and energetic balance.

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IES AuraCloud 3D

AuraCloud offers advanced energy aura-imaging. Our newest software applications show a model, aura and chakras in 3D.

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aura machine

Aura Video Station 7

Our original aura-imaging system is available in two package options: Aura Video Station 7 Pro or Basic to better suit your personal business needs!

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Aura Camera and Aura Imaging Success

Our aura camera systems may be a magnetic draw and have the potential to make great returns on your investment! Ask for a live demonstration and see for yourself. One of our specialized Aura Consultants will be available to screen-share demonstrations live online.

See it in Action

Contact us today to set up a live demonstration. A consultant will display the changes to auras and chakras in real-time and review the comprehensive aura imaging camera imaging, graphs and reporting.

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