What does aura-energetics read?

What does aura-energy imaging technology show?

Inneractive’s energy technology visualizes the chi-energy and aura-chakra-energy. This is processed by proprietary software to show a detailed representation of the aura colors, chakras and other energetic readings.

Where is this technique from?

Where did energy imaging technology originate?

Dr. Valerie Hunt, a leading researcher at the University of California in Los Angeles, conducted studies using sophisticated methods to record subjects’ aura-energetic data while clairvoyants described their aura. She discovered that data frequencies and patterns were indicative of aura colors.

Aura-energetic technology uses some of those lessons learned combined with a deep understanding of aura and chakra energy to create aura-energetic data graphs and reports to display a person’s chi-energy and aura and chakra state.

Can it be used to treat health issues?

Can energy imaging treat physical, emotional or mental problems or diseases?

No. Only a licensed practitioner can treat physical, emotional or mental diseases. Energy imaging can bring self awareness and insight into our current energy state, allowing for an opportunity to make improvements to achieve a greater wellbeing.

How do auras relate to overall energetic wellness?

How does his technique differ from resonance frequency measurements?

Resonance frequency measurements or Mora/Voll are very complex and use meridian points to measure frequency. Inneractive aura-imaging systems provide a user-friendly approach where information is collected and organized into easy-to-read charts and graphs by the intelligent software.


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