Energy Technology

Having a visual reference of the body’s metaphysical state can greatly enhance the healing experience and efficiency of treatments. Our aura imaging systems are biofeedback devices that render an individual’s aura from precise human-energy readings.  This is an extremely beneficial tool for visually validating aura and chakra changes to those who are unable to see energy channels. Show your clients profound data that tracks the nurturing effects of healing sessions. Using dynamic  and real-time software programs, Inneractive aura machines offer exclusive insight to aura-chakra health and strength.

How Does Aura Machine Work?


    Biofeedback Reading – A biosensor measures skin temperature and electro-dermal activity (electrical energy) as biofeedback data. Just touch your hand on the sensor!


    Displays on Screen – Inneractive’s software displays data as 3D full-body aura images, detailed graphs and charts. You can even capture an aura snapshot photo.


    Data Translated – Each aura image is a personal representation of the individual’s bio-energetic field and unique life-data. It portrays their emotional energy, personality type, and overall wellness statistics.


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