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Building Your Business with InnerEnergy

By offering aura imaging technology and the ability to analyze results of aura-energetics, the Inneractive experience may lead to increased excitement, prospect traffic and an overall enhancement to your business.

In addition to educational aura camera benefits, there may be many business benefits from integrating an aura machine:

  • Show chi-energetic improvements to an individual instantaneously. 
  • Create a truly unique, interactive aura balancing experience that can set you apart from competitors.
  • Recommend products and services specific to individualized aura-chakra readings. You can even keep these records on file for later reference.
  • Cultivate loyalty and repeat business with ongoing readings and chi-energy assessments.
  • Entice new clients without self-promotion: Personality and aura profile printouts are not only insightful – they may help spread the word about exclusive human-computer interfacing technology you might offer!

Inneractive’s aura machine may give you the tools to make aura and chakra readings instantly available. Potentially leaving a lasting impression.

Inneractive’s newest model, IES AuraCloud 3D, is a great way to get comprehensive and concise readings. Using your preferred method you can make aura and chi-energy balancing suggestions on the spot with each aura-chakra-imaging analysis as a reference.

Make a Statement with Aura Camera Technology

InnerEnergy may make it easy for you to stand out from the crowd! Here are some marketing ideas we’ve received from some of our valued customers after they purchased their aura camera for sale:

  • Live demonstrations of aura and chakra balance during chi-wellness sessions. Large screen projections or displays help draw a crowd. People are often curious about the machine and getting their own reading!
  • Organize workshops and education seminars focused on using an Inneractive aura-imaging system for aura-chakra balancing management. The visuals from the software are stunning and really help illustrate key concepts.
  • AnimalAura sessions allow both owner and pet to be energetically balanced in one session. Our AuraCloud 3D Pro features AnimalAura Plates to serve furry friends, plus the option to print a matching aura-photo just like their human companion!
  • Energy Balancing events to entice new customers and involve loyal clients in aura reading and education. Offer aura-reading printouts as a souvenir of the unique experience.
Holistic Benefits of Energy Imaging Technology


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