Holistic Benefits

Holistic Benefits

Holistic Health Benefits

Bringing together scientific data and extensive human-energy information, biofeedback machines are a truly innovative solution for holistic health. Inneractive’s aura imaging systems work with wellness centers and a wide range of health professionals to promote and distinguish alternative healing methods.

Some of the many positive health benefits of biofeedback devices:

  • Provide instant easy to understand information on human-energy levels.
  • Biofeedback sensors are extremely sensitive to the slightest changes in bodily calmness.
  • Create personalized treatments and therapy regiments based on detailed energy readings.
  • Monitor internal or externally stressed energy channels.
  • Compare aura and chakra readings side-by-side. Inneractive software allows you to store client energy profiles for later reference.
  • Sessions allow clients to learn to register and regulate bodily functions, such as breathing rate and muscle contractions.
  • By using before and after aura readings, you will have the ability to reveal imbalances and visually display harmonious health improvements.
  • Teach users to identify the signs of rising energy-stress, allowing you to address the issue before physical symptoms arise.

Common Biofeedback Uses for Wellness Practitioners

By training people to become aware of, and then control certain involuntarily bodily processes, biofeedback treatments can bring great relief and self-empowerment! This technology is frequently used in alternative healing:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Energy Healing
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