What Is Bio-Energy Therapy?

Information that we garner from personal perceptions of life’s experiences makes up the energy of thought that’s carried across the spatial paths of information within our body’s bioenergy field or aura. This aura bioenergy field is the origination point of all thought processes before they are communicated to the brain via a flow of energy.

This gets translated into orders of electro-mechanical impulses that the body uses to implement action. Auras may also be projected via energy transfer across bioenergy fields of the collective unconscious from one person to another. This is also how aura healers apply the conscious intention of healing which is transferred from the practitioner to the client.

They use bio-energy therapy in their healing sessions to address the various problems they have identified by reading their client’s aura. Before we delve a little deeper into what bio-energy therapy is, let’s get a better understanding of what the centers of these fields in our body are.

Transmission of the BioEnergy Field

Scientific observation of the bioenergy field explains that human brain waves are the linear electrical impulses which radiate around an electromagnetic field. They have pulse patterns and frequencies that carry information in the form of pulses and waves. The brain receives patterned signals from the biogenergy field that surrounds the person’s brain waves and perceives them as a kind of information.

This concept isn’t concocted by spiritually-inclined people or alternative healing practitioners. In fact, most ancient spiritual practices make sense and can be explained in the context of the exchange of bioenergy-information, in physics. This indicates a scientific observation of the efficiency in energy utilized in:

  • Religious prayer
  • Ritual practices
  • Ceremonial worship
  • Baptism
  • Perception of spiritual/ethereal entities
  • Amulets and talismans
  • Alternative states of consciousness
  • Interconnections with the energy properties possessed by plant life with reference to herbal medicine
  • Supernatural phenomena

This division indicates how life’s experiences are all divided into categories such as perception of the life, thoughts which are then directed to flow through your body. All this validates our ancestors’ discovery as well as the proactive use of conscious intention. This is used from the bioenergy mind field as projected belief/thought through various bioenergy fields, affecting the surrounding environment and empowering personal will.

The Seven Energy Centers In the Human Body

The human body has seven energy centers; each of these centers processes a certain category of thought and operates at an entirely different frequency range starting from the root and leading to the crown. This is what lends your aura, specific colors and hues. Take a look at what the seven energy centers stand for:

  • 1st center – This processes the thought of fight or flight and survival instincts which creates a red aura color.
  • 2nd center – It processes intimacy, security or sensual love to create an orange aura color.
  • 3rd center- It processes decision making/life analysis that creates a yellow aura color.
  • 4th center – This processes the love of life or life harmony to create a green aura color.
  • 5th center – The center processes actions, expression or willful intent that creates a blue aura color.
  • 6th center– It processes connection of soul or inner wisdom to create a purple aura color.
  • 7th center – The last center processes connection to Spirit/universal wisdom and creates a white aura color.

When Should Bioenergy Therapy Be Used?

When you are in a happy state of mind, are content and at peace with yourself and if you are healthy in body and mind, you will have a healthy aura. On the other hand, if you’re stressed, are suffering from some physical ailment, are unhappy or discontented and restless, that will imbalance your aura.

Skilled aura readers can read what the colors of your aura indicate and are able to pinpoint what is wrong. They will also provide solutions to help heal your aura or rebalance your aura. More than a basic energy treatment is needed to truly overcome these maladies or illness.

Today, there are scores of traditional & other treatments where regular treatment sessions, ongoing medications, and dietary restrictions have to be incorporated to prevent the symptoms from returning. But if the remedy does no more than pushing the symptom off, it isn’t a cure. It’s important to get to the root of the problem before a more permanent solution can be found. Bionergy Therapy is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

What Does Bioenergy Therapy Involve

Bioenergy therapy involves different things such as:

KarmicDNA (Electro Magnetic Strands)

The BioEnergy Therapist or Aura Healer doesn’t just rely on basic bioenergy treatment interventions alone for efficient healing. Here are some facts about the process:

  • They also utilize Medical BioSymBiology to find a deeper understanding of what their client’s body is purposefully communicating via its symptomatic language.
  • They use their knowledge of KarmicDNA wisdom in the treatment they offer based on the stressors, illnesses or problems that are affecting the person.
  • These tools will be used in tandem to achieve successful healing.
  • The tools help healers discover the original cause of disorder and use this knowledge to resolve these problems in memory that act as a trigger for the symptoms.

BioEnergy therapy is incorporated into the session after other healing methods are used. It is a long-term, potent solution to find and resolve a disorder. The logic behind it is that when you take away the purpose of the disorder, it helps eliminate the problem altogether.

Why is Bioenergy Therapy So Effective?

BioEnergy Treatment is a highly potent cleansing & revitalization of the person’s bioenergy system that effectively clears, balances, as well as stimulates the flow of energy flow. This helps retrigger the auto-immune system and rejuvenates the mind and puts the body into the high-healing mode. Bioenergy therapy is different from other aura healing techniques, in that the therapist doesn’t use his/her own energy in the treatment. Rather, they use conscious intention in resolving your symptoms.

This therapy is used to redirect your spiritual bioenergy flow, which holds the information your body requires to heal itself effectively. The therapist redirects the energy through their client’s body to clear any locked flow, and increase the healthy throughput of vital life energy. The therapy triggers collagen production within the immune system, rejuvenates cell structure and supplies energy information with the primary intention to resolve the different issues you are facing.



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