What Does a Light Blue Aura Mean?

An aura has numerous colors, and every individual displays certain characteristic traits that his or her aura defines. Here we discuss what a light blue aura stands for and the personality of individuals that possess it.

It’s All About Being Vocal

The color blue is associated with the Throat Chakra. It’s probably why people that have this particular auric color tend to be very vocal about their feelings and emotions. The throat is, after all, a tool that we use to communicate with others as most of our expressions take the form of words.

An aura is essentially an electromagnetic field of energies that have varying intensities. It gets created when these energies enter our body and exit it. An aura isn’t formed in one specific part of the body; instead, it’s present all around the body. If you focus and concentrate on looking at an aura, you will be able to see it.

Dominant Aura Color- What Is It?

Every aura has seven layers and a number of colors and hues. The most dominant color is said to be your auric color. All the auric layers are interconnected and they do influence each other in various different ways. Apart from this, they also influence an individual’s words, actions, thoughts, and feelings. Blue is one of the auric colors and this is what we are discussing here.

So what does your aura color say about your personality? If your aura is blue, the answer might be far more involved than you think. Blue is always considered the most peaceful and coolest color of the color spectrum and has calming properties. These auras are often associated with sensitive & calm personalities. However, sensitivity manifests in a number of ways, just as there are blues of different hues and shades.

Blue energy has an important connection with the sea and sky. But like these natural elements, there may be cloudiness, choppiness or brightness associated with it. Let’s take a look at what a light blue aura stands for and what it means with reference to daily life.

Light Blue Aura

Auras that are translucent, bright or light are an indication of positive energies compared to ones that have muddy or darker tones. The latter suggest negative energy and moods. Take a look at what a light blue aura represents or means:

  • That you have a very positive and peaceful personality.
  • Light blue/sky blue is a communicative and serene color. These auras are linked to traits such as serenity, honesty, and clarity.
  • While all light color shades are associated with more positive interactions, people that have light blue auras generally have excellent communication skills.
  • Light blue auras also indicate attributes such as generosity, love, and spirituality.
  • Individuals that have light blue auras are very genuine, attempt to help those around them and do good everywhere they go.

About Light Blue Auras- Let’s Delve A Little Deeper

Let’s take an in-depth look at what blue auras in general and light blue auras specifically indicate.

1. Personality

  • People with light blue auras are much more in sync with their emotional side.
  • They are loving caring, sensitive and intuitive.
  • A person with a light blue aura is nurturing, confident and outgoing.
  • However, they are also very private and don’t easily display their deepest feelings and thoughts unless the find a person completely trustworthy.
  • Those with light blue auras offer help unconditionally, which also sometimes leads people to take undue advantage of their helping and caring nature.
  • They have an inherent desire to be accepted and loved unconditionally.
  • They have very good memories and are able to remember the most trivial information. These people can sort and store things in their mind and access that information easily when required.

2. Relationships

  • People with light blue auras make very good partners- this because they are naturally giving caring, loving and expressive.
  • However, they can get a little manipulative sometimes, especially when they are unable to get what they really want.
  • While they are giving, they want the same in return and this reciprocation of feelings and emotions needs to be on the same level as theirs.
  • Light blues are great partners and companions but can be difficult to please at times.
  • If you’re dating a light blue auric person, ensure you keep communication free-flowing and open at all times. That is the only way you can hold their attention and help express their feelings for you.

3. The Career Aspect

Light blue auric people perform very well in fields such as accounting, coaching, teaching, and nursing. They need to be in work or have jobs that involve some amount of daily interaction with different types of people, particularly those that are seeking some form of help. Blues always like to maintain a work-life balance and so require jobs or work that offers them flexible timings. While they are introverts, they still love to be in the company of people.

4. The Health Angle

Light blue auric people are very spiritualistic and you won’t find them involving themselves in excessive physical activity. They are more inclined towards activities like walking or playing some calm games. It’s also why they may have a heavier frame. They are always focused on looking after their family and people they care for and tend to ignore their own health. This is something they need to focus on be more balanced with. 

In Closing

As mentioned earlier, light blue auric people have a more spiritual side to their personalities. They like quietude, serenity, tend to introspect a lot, meditate and look for different ways of attaining peace. People with Tan auras are most compatible with those who have light blue auras. The former are caring and loving and can be the ideal partners.

This was a detailed description of light blue auric people their characteristics and personality. However, this is more of a generalized insight, and every person is unique, comes from different circumstances that mould their personalities, making them unique.



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