Aura Energy Exercises

Auras are the subtle electromagnetic fields that are emitted by the human Spirit. If you know how to look for auras, they will be visible to the naked eye. Any being or object that’s composed of molecules will have an electric field. Even if this electric field’s charge isn’t easily detectable, it’s possible to activate it by some changes and movement in the space around the person, animal, plant or object.

In order to see an aura, it’s important to train your eyes to spot the field of energy around a person or object. If you are learning to read auras, there are certain exercises you can perform regularly. These will help you hone your skills and see auras more clearly and accurately.

Improve Your Aura Vision With These Tips

Before we start the exercises, here are some tips that can help you improve your Aura Vision.

  • You need to view the aura with your “inner eye”.
  • Never attempt to spot this energy field by staring. You need to allow your eyes to relax completely and then defocus from what you are looking at.
  • Use gentle control while focusing on the third eye region and then maintain a higher focus.
  • Don’t compel yourself to over-concentrate.
  • When you are reading a friend’s aura, get them to wear white (this will help you avoid the afterimage problem).
  • Avoid looking for vivid or solid colors; rather, look for more subtle color impressions.
  • Conduct numerous aura readings on multiple friends and then compare their auras.
  • Every person’s auric field depends on how relaxed they are. This is why you need to get your subject to be calm and do some deep breathing to be able to see the difference.
  • When it comes to reading auras, practice is everything. The more you practice, the better your aura vision will be.
  • It’s important that you take breaks in between practice sessions or you will tire yourself out.

Aura Exercise-1

Step 1. Identify some subjects that you can practice on.

When looking for auras you’re looking for visually subtle electric fields of people or an object. If you are looking at active beings, shifting forms, growing changing or moving things, you will find it much easier to see their auras or electric fields. For best results, choose subjects that have active energetic systems such as:

  • Friends
  • Living houseplants
  • Trees
  • Animals
  • Yourself

All of these are good subjects to practice on. In the exercise, we will be using you as the aura subject

Step 2. Dim all the lights

It’s easier to see subtle energy when you aren’t overtaxing your senses. If the lighting in the room is excessively bright, or if you have music or a TV blaring in the background or even if your thoughts are very active at that point, you will find it very difficult to notice any other sensory cue that gets in. Since this exercise involves seeing an aura with your eyes and then turning it into clairvoyance, it’s important to limit all types of distracting sensory exposure that comes in through your visual cortex. Clean up all the visual clutter and dim the lights before you start.

Step 3. Get a medium-sized hand-held mirror

In this particular exercise, you’ll be looking at yourself in the handheld mirror; it involves looking at your aura- the outline of your spirit. Place the mirror at a distance of about 1ft-10 ft. away from you. Ensure that your upper body (chest, shoulders & head upwards) is clearly visible in the mirror.

Step 4. Sit down and make yourself comfortable

Find a very calm and comfortable spot to sit for a short span of time.

Step 5. Relax your vision completely

  • Just take a moment and slowly relax your eyes.
  • Don’t stain your vision in any way and just practice gazing upon the space you are in.
  • Focus on any object in the room, and release your focus into a slow gaze. If there is a bookcase in the room, you can stare at a book and attempt to read the words written on its spine or cover.
  • Focus on something, and then release.
  • Repeat the focus and release action.

Step 6. Gaze into a mirror

  • Once you have released your gaze, move it into the mirror and then look at yourself.
  • Gaze into the mirror with a relaxed vision.
  • Practice in this manner for as long as you are able to hold the gaze/ until you begin to see a fuzzy looking halo around your crown, head, and

Once you start to see it, your aura may appear like:

  • Fuzzy air all around your body
  • A clear halo
  • Stronger colors very close to your head
  • An inconsistent border all around your body
  • Fading colors down the other areas of your body

If you feel that you need to release your gaze & look away, after a few minutes, take a quick break and attempt the exercise again. In most cases, it takes people between 5-10 separate attempts of this type of mirror-gazing exercise to start seeing auras. It may seem very challenging at first, but once you’ve got it, it’s amazing!!

Aura Exercise-2

Once you have attempted and practiced this exercise, you can try the next one. You will need to get a friend to participate in it:

  • Have a friend sit in a chair placed in front or a white wall or backdrop.
  • Place a piece of paper/sticky dot right in the middle of his/her forehead.
  • Sit about 4ft away. Place your hands straight up in front of your face and then hold your fingers out as if you’re framing a picture; your index finger pointing upwards and the thumbs should be pointing inwards.
  • Loosely focus on the paper/dot on the person’s forehead.
  • While you’re doing this, move both your hands apart very slowly further apart, keeping a very loose focus on that dot; while doing this, allow your peripheral vision to also follow your hands.

Try this particular exercise until you see a very narrow layer of light all around your friend’s head. If you persist, you may also be able to see some color and auras.




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