Chakra balancing for your pets!

More and more we are witnessing the amazing work of alternative healing methods. Pets bring so much joy and love to our lives, can we help them heal alternatively? Our pets can often suffer from joint pain, illness or separation anxiety. Feeling helpless can be a heartbreaking experience. We are now finding ways heal our pets through chakra healing.

All animals have their own chakra system that is essentially similar to that of a human. With the AVS Pro system, now offered by Inneractive Inc., you can use the latest technology to see your pet’s aura. Simply putting your pet’s paws on the attached animal aura plates can display biofeedback data on your pet’s aura or energy field. The display graphs and imaging used by the the AVS systems can help determine weakened spots. Animals can respond very favorably to energy work, because they don’t have a lot of the mental blockages.

Chakra healing methods for animals can include massage therapy, reiki sessions, crystal energy healing, remote balancing with an aura specialist among many others. Thousands of people all over the world, report increased pet vitality after chakra balancing. So if you are wondering if your pet’s chakras are not balanced, a quick aura reading with the AuraCloud system could do the trick. Happy pets equal happy pet parents.


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