You are the Star of Your Life

Is there a situation that you need to resolve? Do you have a negative visceral response to a thought? If your answer is yes then it seems you could benefit from a resolution.

We often shy away from confrontation and are so quick to sweep an occurrence under the rug. The problem is that the challenge is never rectified and has the potential to resurface. Knowing we have not let go nor granted forgiveness holds us back from opening up fully. The fear that the old hurt may rear its ugly head can be powerful enough to justify our defenses staying up. Holding back is sort of like playing or watching the biggest game of the season with the star player afraid to play full out for fear of disappointment that he or she may not win. Sounds crazy, huh? Well imagine that the big game is your life and you are the star player. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and this can’t be done holding on to painful experiences of yesterday. Learn to really forgive and surrender to letting go without resentment. Open your Heart Chakra with forgiveness and you will feel everything expand—take a deeper breath, hug a little tighter, love a bit fuller.


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