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Cutting-edge technology, beautiful design, and stunning 3D graphics work in harmony to visualize human energy.

IES AuraCloud™ is a fantastic new tool for holistic practitioners !

This unique system not only measures aura health and color, but also Chakra strength, emotion and energy levels. Exclusive to InnerEnergy, the AuraCloud system allows you to store your session readings using cloud technology – meaning you can access information anytime, anywhere!

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InnerEnergy and Aura Technology

InnerEnergy is pleased to present top-quality energy-reading products for health practitioners and holistic businesses. We focus on making advanced technology fun and accessible. How you integrate it into your routine is up to you!

The Aura Video Station greatly enhances my seminars. This is an excellent tool for demonstrating energy healing and energy boosting.”

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha,
World renowned Master Healer and Teacher
The system gives our clients tangible proof of progress that they can see. We’ve had a phenomenal response to the Aura Video Station.”
Sue B, USA




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As a division of Inneractive, we pride ourselves on setting the industry standard. If you have any questions about our products, or would like to place an order, please Contact us here to speak to an Inneractive representative.


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