Core Chakra, Solar Plexus, 3rd Chakra – Courage to thrive!!!

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Dr. Lisa's Blog, InnerEnergy

Core chakra, 3rd chakra, solar plexusIs it just me or does it seem that courage is inversely related to aging? When we were young we were willing to take on the world, dancing for laughs in public wearing our favorite red cowboy boots and pink tu-tu with belly exposed. We were totally detached from the opinions of others, really just excited to see the idea through. Why do we suddenly give a damn what the world thinks as we get older? Why do we give our power away? How is what any one thinks worth holding back any part of our uniqueness. Our very existence depends on our ability to shine our light as bright as the brightest star.

That which keeps us from supremely thriving is the very road block we have to pass as a soul lesson in this life time. Most people have that one thing– the ego driven insecurity that halts progress. The ego does not deserve a voice/place to derail the attempt to step meaningfully into life. It is courage that allowed our role models to succeed, to love, to forgive, to be. It’s courage that we need to do the same.

To be courageous means to have a solid sense of self. Matters related to self esteem, self worth and COURAGE stem from the solar plexus/3rd Chakra. Strengthening the core is not just for physical fitness but for mental and emotional wellness. With regards to the 3rd Chakra, it is where you get your power and should be regularly nurtured. It’s important! When you are feeling bold and self validated you can step out confidently, ready to tackle your vision. Do a real gut check and tune in to your solar plexus. Remind yourself that…
• you have everything you need to be successful
• you have to be your biggest fan
• you are worth your weight in gold
• you owe it to yourself to take courageous steps

Life is about stepping into your power, not letting anything hold you back. When you are in a stuck pattern, ask if you need to be more courageous and take meaningful action. You illuminate the world in a unique way. It’s time to shine.


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